The Family of Friends CD
Family of Friends CD

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Susan Martin
1302 Waugh Drive #477
Houston, TX 77019
    (J Daniel) Vocals/Family of Friends
  2. MAMA’S GONNA’ LEAVE - 3:41
    (S Martin, V Fowler, BMI) Vocals/Susan Martin & Vicki Fowler • Sax/Jay Fort •Trumpet/Bob Kroly
  3. 38 MILES TO HOUSTON - 3:33
    (B Ward-Post No Bills Music/BMI) Lead vocal/Jim Daniel • Harp/Pat Weickenand • Lead guitar/Ron Welch
  4. TOOK ME BY MY HEART - 5:06
    (B Ward-Post No Bills Music/BMI) Lead vocal/Bill Ward
  5. COYOTE WALTZ - 3:39
    (B Ward-Post No Bills Music/BMI) Lead vocal/Allen Damron •Acoustic slide guitar/Mark Viator
  6. SURVIVOR - 3:46
    (J Daniel, S Martin, BMI) Vocals/Family of Friends • Vocals & harmonies/CSI Cisneros
  7. CEASE FIRE - 3:28
    (S Martin, J Daniel, B Ward, A Damron, BMI) Vocals/Family of Friends
  8. DANCE FOR ME - 4:08
    (J Daniel) Lead vocal/Bill Ward
  9. JUKEBOX - 3:18
    (J Daniel) Lead vocal/Jim Daniel • Lead guitar/Ron Welch
  10. UNDER THE COVER - 2:51
    (S Martin, BMI) Lead vocal/S. Martin • Cello/Max Dyer • Flute/Jeff Abrams
  11. ONE MORE LOVE SONG - 2:36
    (J Daniel) Lead vocal/Allen Damron
  12. COLD WINTER’S NIGHT - 4:02
    (V Fowler, C Tugman, M Hyde) Lead vocal/Vicki Fowler • Twelve string & lead guitar/Christopher Tugman
  13. NOTHIN’ I DON’T WANNA’ DO - 2:09
    (MacDonald, Martin, - Blue Flute Music/ASCAP) Vocals/Family of Friends •Vocals, harmonies/Csi Cisneros • Accordian/Greg Harbar • Harp/Pat Weickenand•Lead guitar/Ron Welch•Meows, squeaks/Sam the cat
Allen Damron (acoustic guitar, vocals), a legendary Texas folk artist, was a hard riding, straight shooting speaker of the truth who could tickle people’s fancies or bring them to tears with the beauty of his performances. He traveled the world, collected songs, stories and adventures, and won the hearts of audiences both young and old. But he was a man alone on the road.

Jim Daniel (acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonies) grew up in the barren soil of the Texas panhandle, where all a person could grow was weeds and blisters. There was the soul of a gypsy poet behind his faraway eyes, and he traveled and listened and learned. When he and Damron met at the crossroads they both recognized that they were brothers beneath the skin. And then there were two.

Vicki Fowler (vocals, harmonies), a healer by profession, also had the power to minister to the inner human through her music. With the voice of an angel, she could uplift the spirit and leave people longing for more. Blending her talent with Damron and Daniel, she became a sister, and then there were three.

Susan Martin (acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonies) came up in the down and dirty digs of Greenwich Village, learning the blues from the inside looking out. Her guitar could whisper a love song or scream the blues, and her sultry voice penetrated the souls of all she met. Another sister, and then there were four whose paths were intertwined.

Bill Ward (keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, harmonies), a native of the baked concrete hills of Miami, was a masterful writer and versatile musician. A magician, mixing heady musical potions, he too had drifted in his own circles until he intersected the orbits of the others.

The final link was forged. The circle was complete; they had become a family. . . a Family of Friends.

Recorded at Back Room Studios, Houston
Produced by Bill Ward, Susan Martin, Jim Daniel
Engineered and Mixed by Bill Ward
DAT Mastering done by Carl Caillouet at Heights Sound Studio
Recorded on a TASCAM midistudio 688
Cover photo by Sharon Warrington
Photo hand coloring by Cathy Franklin
Cover Design by Jim Daniel
Art Direction by Sharon Warrington
Special thanks to: Rockin’ Robin Guitars & Music, TASCAM, Mike Reed, Will T. Massey, Marji Robbins, Creative Sound, and to our extended family of friends for their love and support.

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